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« SODIAL, the farthest, the closest to you. »

Remote sites, isolated locations, desert areas, hotels and restaurants: for many years, SODIAL has taken up the challenge to supply food including the most remote regions. SODIAL relies on different assets that make the company a complete and efficient partner. Workforce, relay, fleet, catalogue and storage space: we have been able to develop our resources in order to offer an irreproachable service.


Your Dedicated Contact
Thanks to the wide variety of its catalogue, SODIAL represents the guarantee of a unique supplier, whatever requirements are.
No more need to split orders: SODIAL takes care of needs in terms of food, maintenance, security and energy.
Rationalise your orders and save time, benefit daily from our services and tailored support, all year long.

Wherever you are.

Our References
Our References Thanks to our importation policy, we have 17 000 references that cover all categories, among them, 4 000 are always in stock. Our food range include more than 700 essential references: frozen products, fresh products, fruits and vegetables, dried products, beverages, maintenance and cleaning products.
We provide also electric, mechanical, energetic material, stationery, laundry, uniforms, cooking equipment, security devices on industrial sites.

représentation de marque, approvisionnement, stockage, distribution
représentation de marque, approvisionnement, stockage, distribution

Fleet Performances, Health and Safety
SODIAL has of a complete fleet of 130 trucks with a payload weight range from 1 tones to 30 tones, dry, isothermal and freezen. These vehicles are checked and maintained every day.

This daily attention allows us to set deadlines and guarantee an irreproachable quality of the goods even in desert areas with extreme warm weather.

From storage, all the way to delivery, we control and monitor the temperature of the goods in complete transparency.

Goods are always securely delivered packaged, labelled and wrapped.


We are proud to announce that we are the First West African ISO 9001 certified company in Food supply, Storage, Packing and Logistics.

ISO 9001


35, Rue Paul Holle BP : 22 085 Dakar-

+221 33 821 18 92



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