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« Our expertise at your service. Your goals become our ambitions. »

SODIAL is a Senegalese company, whose history began in Dakar in 1968. We have developed our know-how according to our core values. These values are the DNA of our company and they inspire our development day after day.

Spirit of Partnership

Our challenge : to offer a local service across West Africa.

To honour our commitment means to give our clients the essential to achieve their goals. Firstly, our spirit of partnership is a business policy developed to create long-lasting relationships based on listening, trust and transparency. Secondly, our spirit of partnership represents the continuous assistance of our teams to answer there requirements in real time. Finally, spirit of partnership commit SODIAL to be daily involved within the community. Observance of the existing rules, environmental and sustainable development, and local development: these issues are ours.

Great Flexibility

Our challenge : to make every effort, everyday, to offer a proactive and tailored service.

Firstly, our great flexibility is a precise understanding of requirements. Offer, price, invoicing and traceability, SODIAL provides its partners with customised services to better accompany them everyday.
Secondly, our great flexibility allows us to adapt in real time to the changes of the market environment and to clients’ needs.
Finally, our great flexibility prepares us for any eventualities and offers suitable solutions to ensure the proper conduct of your operations.

Quality Guarantee

ISO 9001 version 2015 CERTIFICATION

SODIAL is the first West African ISO 9001 certified company in Food distribution, Storage, Packing and Logistics.
Global reference, ISO 9001 represents the assurance of a quality of service that meets international requirements.

Following a series of internal audits, this certification rewards the companies for the quality of their management, their customer loyalty, their process approach, the continuous improvement of their services and the consistency of their quality standards.

‘‘ Anticipate to better support you. Standards worthy of your requirements. ‘‘

In West Africa

In Mali and Burkina Faso, the group has three operational structures: Bamako, Ouagadougou and Kayes

Close to airports served by direct flights, these structures rely on permanent and functional good road networks, allowing sea freight from Tema, Accra, Lomé, Abidjan and road transport from Dakar..
The subsidiaries apply the same quality standards as those of the headquarter. They offer compliant products and are able to supply all the items and goods of the group. SODIAL efficiently covers all the sub- region.

In Senegal

SODIAL operates from DAKAR, siège historique du groupe. Nous couvrons l’intégralité du territoire sénégalais, de la frontière mauritanienne en passant par la Casamance, le Sénégal oriental et jusqu’à la frontière malienne. SODIAL dessert efficacement les zones les plus reculées en s’adaptant aux conditions les plus extrêmes, tout en garantissant la qualité irréprochable de son service. Notre grande connaissance du terrain, des particularités locales, des règlementations douanières et juridiques fait de SODIAL un opérateur incontournable au Sénégal.

« Wherever you are. »


We are proud to announce that we are the First West African ISO 9001 certified company in Food supply, Storage, Packing and Logistics.


35, Rue Paul Holle BP : 22 085 Dakar-

+221 33 821 18 92



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