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distribution alimentaire Sénégal

Experte de la distribution alimentaire au sénégal, SODIAL se développe depuis plus de 50 ans et étoffe son offre, au service des différents besoins de ses clients.  Experte de la distribution alimentaire au sénégal, SODIAL SA est une entreprise sénégalaise, dont l’histoire a commencé à Dakar en 1968. Nous avons construit notre savoir-faire sur des valeurs fondamentales. Ces valeurs fondent l’ADN de notre entreprise et inspirent notre développement au quotidien. SODIAL emploie plus de 180 salariés répartis sur nos différents sites et s’appuie sur un parc complet de 130 véhicules. Le développement de nos deux filiales malienne et burkinabè nous permet de répondre aux sollicitations des grands groupes internationaux. Une aventure fondée sur la volonté de relever les défis indispensables au développement de nos partenaires.
Assurant la distribution alimentaire SODIAL opère depuis DAKAR, siège historique du groupe. Nous couvrons l’intégralité du territoire sénégalais, de la frontière mauritanienne en passant par la Casamance, le Sénégal oriental et jusqu’à la frontière malienne. SODIAL dessert efficacement les zones les plus reculées en s’adaptant aux conditions les plus extrêmes, tout en garantissant la qualité irréprochable de son service. Notre grande connaissance du terrain, des particularités locales, des règlementations douanières et juridiques fait de SODIAL un opérateur incontournable au Sénégal.
Experte de la distribution alimentaire au sénégal, SODIAL SA fournit tous les produits nécessaires au ravitaillement des navires à quai, pour la vie quotidienne à bord. SODIAL mobilise son savoir-faire et sa connaissance des acteurs locaux pour développer ce service. Depuis 2013, SODIAL se positionne sur le marché du shipchandling : l’approvisionnement des navires et plateformes au port de Dakar. Fort de son expérience, le groupe s’adresse aux armateurs, aux shipchandlers non représentés au Sénégal, ainsi qu’à tous les acteurs du développement du Oil and Gas au Sénégal.
Navires commerciaux ou militaires, plateformes pétrolières, supply boats, SODIAL dispose de l’expertise nécessaire à leur approvisionnement.
SODIAL s’appuie sur ses compétences afin de mener à bien cette nouvelle attribution : Une logistique et des process de distribution rodés;
Une expérience incontestable dans l’approvisionnement des plateformes difficiles d’accès; Une flexibilité indispensable aux délais propres au ravitaillement des navires; Une certification ISO 9001 qui garantit à nos clients une prestation de tout premier ordre Un catalogue complet : produits alimentaires frais, secs et surgelés, matériel, outillage, papeterie, sécurité, énergie; tous les besoins sont anticipés

SODIAL is a Senegalese company, whose history began in Dakar in 1968
We have developed our know-how according to our core values. These values are the DNA of our company and they inspire our development day after day.
For more than 50 years, SODIAL has developed its expertise in food distribution and expanded its services, in order to meet all the requirements of its customers.

SODIAL employs more than 180 people in its different sites and relies on a complete fleet of 130 vehicles. Thanks to the development of our two branches, in Mali and Burkina Faso, we are now able to respond to the requests of big international groups. An adventure based on our will to take up the challenges, essential to our partners’ growth. SODIAL operates from DAKAR, historical headquarter of the group. We cover the entire Senegalese territory, from the Mauritanian border to the Casamance region, the Eastern Senegal and the Malian border. SODIAL is committed to efficiently operate in the most remote areas, adjusting to extreme conditions and always guaranteeing the In West Africa irreproachable quality of its service. Our significant knowledge of the territory, the local specificities, customs rules, and laws and regulations makes SODIAL a real expert in supply. Since 2013, SODIAL positions itself on the ship chandlery market: supply of vessels and plateforms from Dakar port. With its strong experience, the group offers its services to ship owners and chandlers that are not represented in Senegal and also to the development actors of Oil and Gas in Senegal. Military or trade leased vessels, oil rigs, supply boats: SODIAL has all the required expertise to supply them.
SODIAL relies on its proficiency in order to complete this new responsibility successfully: A logistical organisation and distribution processes that have proven themselves An unquestionable experience in supplying not easily accessible platforms A big flexibility essential to the specific deadlines of shipchandling An ISO 9001 certification to guarantee our customers a high quality service A complete catalogue: fresh food products, dry and frozen goods, equipments, tools, stationery, security, energy; all needs are covered

distribution alimentaire au sénégal


A versatile operator

Whatever sales outlet are, SODIAL knows how to manage the specificities of your site. Our distribution network is consistent with Senegal: rich, diverse, constantly changing. Provision of a complete catalogue offering more than 17 000 products all selected to satisfy consumers’ requirements. Our knowledge of the market and local trends, and our know-how as a distributor allow us to offer you more than just a service: a complete support by a real advisor and partner.
Benefits from a modern and reliable vehicle fleet with a dedicated support team available 24/7.

Our teams, your partners

Our efficiency relies on our network of salespersons: 40+ representatives divided between Dakar, Bamako and Ouagadougou. All our teams are trained on our catalogue, they perfectly know their targets and are always ready to advise you.
SODIAL is at your side to offer you the best references adapted to your customer base, to steer you on quantities and to convey our knowledge to you.
Novelties, promotions and seasonality of products: benefit from the experience of our partners. You can reach our commercial teams at any time, including for emergency services.

Commerce et service

Storage, Logistics Processs

SODIAL guarantees the efficiency of its service thanks to its high-performance logistical resources.

The group relies on three sites with a total of 10 000 m2 of useful storage area. We own 15 cold rooms – 3 positive and 12 negative – with a global capacity of 3 500 m3 and have a butchery managed by professionals.

Our warehouses are equipped with forklift trucks, pallet trucks and employ order pickers. State-of-the-art equipment essential for the efficiency of our procedures and your supply.

The orders are ready for delivery on the same day in Dakar and, on average, in 24h for other destinations, according to the volumes.
Our providers supply us every day, which gives us the best responsiveness, even if the catalogue references are not in store.

Sodial Expertise
Distribution Afrique


We are proud to announce that we are the First West African ISO 9001 certified company in Food supply, Storage, Packing and Logistics.

distribution alimentaire au sénégal


35, Rue Paul Holle BP : 22 085 Dakar-

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